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Posted By Rhino on 02/19/10 - Bookmark Rhino's Butts

This site will either amaze you or make you puke in your mouth. It is called Everything Butt and apparently it’s quite popular with the ladies!

Haha… Just kidding… No, but seriously… More women come to this site then do to the average porn site. I guess if a woman is into sticking things in her ass, Everything Butt is pretty much the watering hole for the net in that regard.

Everything Butt features videos that pretty much only stick with the ass. Each video is long. Since I am not into Everything Butt I actually started to feel sorry for the women. I did find it entertaining. Just not sure what kind of party I can throw this into the DVD player and LET ‘ER TIP!

If you or your old lady ever do think about trying anal the forum is full of people with tips, including porn stars. You get to read all of their tricks of the trade and people cut through a lot of the crap filled rumors.

If anal is your thing, Everything Butt is your game!

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