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Gonzo porn all started with a little known guy that went by the moniker, Buttman.

Buttman had, and still has, a serious ass fetish. He enjoyed licking ass, fucking ass, grabbing ass and everything else ass. No matter what it was, if it had to do with a butt, he was all over it and all too eager to smother himself with her buns! features all of the award winning John Stagliano movies including the Fashionistas. These guys can’t go to the Southern states because they have multiple warrants out for their arrest. I guess those Baptist mofos don’t enjoy gonzo style porn!


Your best bet to enjoy this butt stuffing bonanza is to do so online. You can download as much as you want and still watch it even if you cancel your membership. Don’t let some crazy fundamentalist district attorney tell you what you can and cannot watch in the privacy of your own home!

Buttman updates three times a week and the network updates daily. You won’t find a more dedicated bunch of men and women when it comes to giving you mind numbing, cock stimulating entertainment!

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For those of us that can’t read the above: The overall shape and consistency of this spot was specially formulated for your personal enjoyment!

It is like God himself looked down upon thee and decided you are without handles. What perfect being is without handles? This cannot be!

And in that moment God (himself) struck the back of Eve’s ass and cpmmanded, though shalt have grip-tight fixtures on thee hiney so that all men may ride your ass without fear of falling off!

And so it was done. And it was good. Amen.

Fat and Chunky isn’t just a web site, it is a way of life. If you don’t get it, then you don’t get it. No skin off of my back. Unfortunately for you, it is skin off of yours!

If looking at the chunky butt isn’t working out for you, you need to get a new blog hangout, cause this blog is all about the chunky butt!

Grab a pass to Fat and Chunky and experience the thick side of life. You get an entire network of juicy ass and cock knocker titty!

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There have been a lot of you searching for the Kiki Hawaiian Taste of Chocolate episode from Round and Brown. It isn’t hard to see why. Three smoking hot ebony cock suckers in one episode? It is a no-brainer!

Seeing black skin in a tropical setting makes my cock bleed cum. No wonder so many people want to visit Jamaica. Its the chicks, not the tropics, bitch!

Round and Brown is home to the hottest interracial, big booty porn. Along with having the best dark brown booty they also have sweet ass booty from South of the border with sites like Mike in Brazil and 8th Street Latinas. They just added Saturday Night Latinas and still have the staples like 40 Inch Plus and Monster Curves.

Where else are you going to get 28 sites that make your dick spew its man goo? Right now they are letting you in for a two day trial for only a buck. Get that jungle booty!

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