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I guess when they said everything from Texas is Bigger. They must have been talking about Alexis and her big juicy butt. Alexis is what I call the complete package. She has perfect ass, tight body and a pretty face.

Only could get girls of Alexis caliber. It is simply the best booty site on the net. Its not like you get one Alexis for 10 ugly bitches. All 4,000 girls on the site are worth of a Big Booty award.

That’s right, you can find over 4,000 girls with more than 3,000 updates on Ass Parade. They also have a new update every week, so that means that the 3,000 updates will just grow and grow.

So get your membership to the best ass lover website on the net.

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Charley Chase has one of those asses that makes you do a double take as she walks by. Now imagine that ass in just a G-String. That is exactly what some lucky bastard got to spank as he was walking to work.

How did that happen you ask? Well Charley Chase was doing a scene for It is the first real public site on the net. That means they have a crew that roams the streets hunting down the hottest asses you have ever seen. Instead of taking them back to the studio they get them to strip down and fuck right out in public so any one walking or driving by can see.

At Asses In Public they have no rules, no limits when it comes to content on the site. On many scenes they have random dudes grabbing the girls and taking pictures of the big asses with their cell phones. I hope their wives don’t see them.

Check out to see if the next update is in your city.

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Dam Emilianna has  the most amazing ass I have seen. It’s no wonder why she is on It is the premier ass site on the net.

At 40 Inch Plus they are as obsessed as we are when it comes to thick juicy asses. They are such fans of the big booties that they shoot their own content. In the adult industry that is huge, most sites just buy their shit from some dude who could give a fuck if the girl has a huge ass or no ass.

That is why you will not see any of the sweet rumps from on any other site. If you can get 100% exclusive content for the same price as all the other shit, why wouldn’t you become a member of 40 Inch Plus.

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I guess you could say, "The Doctor is in!"

Today the doctor is giving a free colon exam to his favorite nurse, Katja Kassin. OK… She isn’t really a nurse and he isn’t really a doctor. Who cares? This is porn, motherfucker! We can make up anything we want!

And that is the main selling point of

This German born porn star was born with two things. A really wide left ass cheek and a really wide right ass cheek. Put together, there is nothing this thick bottom woman cannot accomplish.

Katja Kassin got her start in porn by following a friend of hers to Los Angeles. Her friend was already in the business and told her she could make a lot of money and make a lot of money she did.

Finding that perfect catalyst for a fantasy is pretty easy at Club Katja because she is into just about every fetish you can imagine. Along with taking cock in every hole, Katja also enjoys having sexy-time with the ladies. Her archives are a mix of solo, girl/guy and girl/girl. She often does threesomes and all out orgies too.

I guess you could say this phat ass German hottie gets around!

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Do not attempt to adjust your computer monitor. What you are seeing is not a trick. Brazilian women really do have some of the nicest asses in the world. Michelle’s ass is so round it almost hides her tan lines completely from view.

Mike in Brazil goes on location south of the equator to document the most undeniable natural beauty on Earth. The majority of the women he finds have big beautiful tits and big beautiful asses.

New videos are uploaded on a weekly basis. Each video is broken down into three smaller videos which are then broken down further into one minute increments. All videos have accompanying photos so you can get an even better view of the phat butts.

People that enjoy Mike in Brazil have several things in common. They love beautiful women. They enjoy deep dark tans. And they prefer large asses to smaller ones. If this is you, take the tour now!

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Can I get an ohh snaps?

Can I get a shit yeah?

Can I get a come to daddy, shuga?

Hey, she has a [cough] few extra inches [cough]. Big girls need love to and now you know why the brothas specialize in big women. We don’t masturbate. We don’t have to. We get laid on a daily basis because we don’t toss nothing back.

Big boned? That is just another way of saying Plump Cuties. And in this day and age, plump is queen. Orange peel? Shit, bro, she is jus using the entire color spectrum… thas all!

Hey, I will tell you what, you continue to pass her ass up on a daily basis. You go right ahead. And after she drops your kids off at school I might just pop on over and have a slice. When you are wondering why it smells like sex on the kitchen table, know that I served your wife up on a silver platter.

Plump Cuties is home to some very lovely ladies with some very wide asses. The kind of phat ass white dudes can’t understand. Nasty, horny, chunky women with restrained sexual needs waiting to bust out. Damn, break me off a piece, shuga!

Members of also get access to five more big babes sites. Finally a big ass pass from people who know a lot about lovely phat ass!

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