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I seem to be striking out with all the ladies as of late, just last night I took a girl I fancied out for dinner, it was really expensive and I paid for the whole thing. You know what she did after eating all that expensive food? She gave me a bullshit excuse about how she had to rush home because she left her iron on, how dumb does she think I am? So the entire night cost me an arm and a leg and I didn’t get anything for my effort. I’ve thought for a while now that Escorts in Swindon were just out of my price range, but after spending that wad of cash last night I’m starting to think local escorts are not that expensive at all.

If you think about it I guess they might even be cheaper than a regular girlfriend, you only have to pay what they want and the rest is up to you. There’s no expensive gifts, no dinners, it’s totally up to you on what you’d like to do. Now one of the things I started noticing when I was seeing Swindon Escorts is I get to spend time with some very pretty girls, I even get to choose the type of girl that I want. That’s a big thing for me as I’m never really the type of guy that gets to choose anything let alone a beautiful girl!

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